Director of Educational Activites and Convention Responsibilities Director of Marketing and Public Relations Responsibilities Director of Legislative Advocacy Responsibilities Director of Technology and Publications Responsibilities

Overview of All Directors' Responsibilities

1.    OSLHA Directors coordinate and supervise activity within the appropriate Scope of their Responsibility.

2.    Attend ALL OSLHA Legislative Council meetings, and submit progress detailing pertinent information and activities under their scope of responsibility, with recommendations for appropriate action, as necessary.

3.    Ensure the timely dissemination of information concerning activities under their scope of responsibility to the general membership.

4.    Serve as a voting member of the OSLHA Legislative Council (LC).

a.    Each Director is expected to vote on matters before the LC in accordance with his/her best understanding of the issues and their impact on the Association as a whole, knowledge of the opinions of the general membership of the Association and knowledge of the issues affecting their scope of responsibility.