Functions of the Executive Council:

1. Act for the Association and make organizational policy decisions within policies prescribed by the By-Laws and Procedures.  Decisions are reported at Legislative Council meetings.

2. Participate in the development of the annual budget, monitor and review Association contracts.

3. Select and employ the Association Manager, determine the terms of the staff contracts and oversee the management of the business office..

4. Implement policies established by Legislative Council.

5. Determine the time and place of the Legislative Council meetings.

6. Review members found to be in violation of the Association's Ethical Practice Policy, following the Ethical Practice Committee guidelines.

9. Review Lobbyist contract as needed.
  OSLHA 2016/2017 Executive Council


Donna Edwards, M.A


Vice President/ President-Elect:
Michele Kramer, M.A


Past President:
Davy Weaver, M.A


Kim Schwartz, M.A.


Shyla Miller, M.A.


Vice President of Association Management:
Amy Thorpe Wiley, M.Ed.

Oversees the following committees:
* Ethical Practice
* Historian
* Membership
* Election Management
* Licensure Liaison
* New Professionals
* Volunteer Coordinator