OSLHA Convention Advertising

OSLHA offers several advertising opportunities to promote your products and services to over 1200 attendees at our annual convention.

Sponsorhip Opportunities
Sponsor a course, event or convention resource to promote your company and support the professionals you serve.
* Participate as a Major Sponsor (over $500 in sponsorship contributions) and receive free ad space on our convention homepage, where convention registrants and atendees will visit frequently between August and April. Your ad will also appear on our handouts page (archived for many years) and will include a link to the URL of your choice. This is a great way to support OSLHA's convention and our members and market your company's products and services before, during and after our annual convention.

Website Advertising
Take advantage of consistent exposure by purchasing advertising space on our Convention Website. Convention participants and attendees access our Convention information multiple times throughout the registration process and your ad will be active between August and April, when our convention-related website traffic is at its peak. We have an average of 1500 website visitors monthly (80% are new visitors) with traffic tripling between November and April and the majority of these visitors will be seeking out convention information or visiting the convention area of the website via direct URL.

Exhibit Opportunities
Register as an exhibitor to promote your products, services, or employment opportunities to our convention attendees. Take advantage of reasonable pricing and great exposure, central to all of our convention activities! Spaces are limited with a waiting list forming so be sure to submit your application and payment early!

Print Advertising
Place an advertisement for your company/organization in our Convention Bulletin, on the Convention Website Home Page or Attendee Registration Folders. Space is LIMITED! Multiple sizes and prices available to meet your needs.

View Advertising Details and Pricing for the Annual OSLHA Convention