What is a PAC?

  • A PAC is a popular term for a political action committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to help elect candidates.
  • Most PAC’s represent business, labor, or ideological interests.
  • PACs in Ohio can give up to $2,500 to a Statewide, Senate or House candidate committee per election and up to $5,000 annually to any legislative campaign fund.
  • PACs may receive up to $5,000 from any one individual per calendar year.
  • A PAC must register with the Secretary of State’s Office and provide them with periodic accountings.
  • Affiliated PACs such as the OSHGAC-PAC are treated as one donor for the purpose of contribution limits.

Why have a PAC?

  • We have had significant success in several critical Statehouse decisions over the past several years.
  • Several issues are impacting our ability to continue to effectively lobby for our professions:
  • Term limits mean a constantly changing environment in the State House
  • Ohio Supreme Court rulings impose continued financial pressures on the Governor and Legislature
  • We are competing with more organizations for fewer dollars in the State Budget
  • Reimbursement for our professional services will likely become a legislative issue in the near future
With these concerns in mind, we need to find a mechanism to put a financial emphasis behind our positions.
  • The best way to do this is to identify candidates who support the efforts of OSHGAC and our professions and support the campaign efforts of these select candidates.
  • Creation of a PAC is one of the best ways to organize support effectively.
  • Consider your PAC membership as an investment in our Professions’ future.

Importance Details of the PAC:

  • With the creation of an OSHGAC-PAC, we can support and educate the elected decision-makers on issues of concern and interest to our professions. This process is a spectacular opportunity for members to get involved in the political process, with very little time commitment.
  • Support of the OSHGAC-PAC is crucial as we all strive to ensure the viability of the speech and hearing professions.
  • Every legislator has some interaction with the profession, and these elected officials take an interest in what their constituents have to say, because these officials rely on them for support and re-election.
  • With term limits and reapportioned districts, it is vital that we support the election of public officials who have demonstrated their support for our issues.

Benefits of the PAC:

  • PAC dollars will allow OSHGAC to provide nonpartisan financial support to those with whom we can develop strong relationships.
  • With trusted relationships, and with reliable information we provide legislators, they will seek us out if and when trouble may arise for our professions.
  • It is these relationships that we are continuing to develop which will prove to help our success as we face future speech and hearing issues in Ohio.
  • Please consider the important financial and social gains we have made in the past few years at the state governmental level.
  • Make a non-corporate contribution to help further this work.
  • You need not be a professional to contribute to the PAC. Clients, family members, and friends can make contributions to this important cause.

Who can I give my PAC contribution to?

  • Contribute at the OSLHA Annual Convention.  Awards Luncheon Attendees compete to see who can make the largest contribution.  Winners are rewarded!  Receive Details in your Convention Registration Packet and the Communication Matters Newsletter.
  • Contact the OSLHA Business Office at 937.855.4337 or by email at oslhaoffice@ohioslha.org to make a contribution.
  • If you wish you may give your check to one of the OSLHA GAC Representatives.

  • Or contribute directly to our appointed PAC Treasurer:

    Susan Grogan-Johnson
    4880 Heights Dr.
    Stow, OH. 44224

How do I make my contribution to the PAC?

  • Make your personal check payable to the OSHPAC.

  • Include your name, address and Employer with your contribution.

  • Of course any contribution is accepted; however a minimum $25.00 contribution is suggested. Many of your colleagues have contributed $100.00 or more.

  • Please be as generous as possible. We need this effort to be successful so that we can continue to advocate for the profession in the State House and State Legislature.

  • Please remember to make this an annual expenditure.

How do I know how my contribution is being used?

  • As a PAC member, you will receive a periodic accounting of these funds and more importantly, the satisfaction of knowing that you have done something meaningful to further the impact and financial success of your profession.
  • As a PAC member, you can contact the PAC directly or go to your OSLHA GAC representative to inform them of your interests and/or concerns. Legislative reforms really do result from your input and participation!

Results of our efforts

  • By speaking with one voice, we can continue to be heard in a time when so many are likely to be seeking support. With the pressures facing the state, the speech and hearing profession cannot afford not to be heard.
  • The OSHGAC AND OSHPAC will help in the efforts at the state level to ensure the continued strong legislative visibility and the success that OSHGAC has endured.
  • REMEMBER that we all have a stake in the success of the profession and want to see it continue to do well.