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  Sponsored Silence

Sponsored Silence is a unique and compelling community event, in which leaders experience what it is like to lose their ability to orally communicate. 

Originally developed by the Australia Speech Pathology Association, Sponsored Silence has been introduced to the United States by the Ohio-Speech-Language Hearing Association (OSLHA) and Martha Coen-Cummings, OSLHA Past President.

What better way is there to make people understand the importance of communication than to take communication away? 

The purpose of OSLHA’s Sponsored Silence event is to increase public awareness of the importance of communication and the profound impact and isolation that can occur when communication is disrupted or completely lost. 

Each Sponsored Silence event features a community leader whose profession depends upon the ability to communicate effectively.  During the event, one community leader agrees to remain quiet for 15 minutes during a work activity that normally involves interaction with others.  In order to communicate during this 15 minute time period, an augmentative device (a computerized voice output system activated by using a keyboard) will be available to use.  The participating community leader will receive training on this device prior to the event.  The community leader may choose the date and the time to be “silent.” 

The intent of this event can be solely to increase public awareness, or can additionally include the contributions of “sponsors” (which may be co-workers, students, audience members, etc.) who pay a nominal fee to keep the leader quiet!