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OSLHA is the Association that represents YOU, the Speech-Language Pathologist and/or Audiologist, as you serve you Ohio clients. Your membership in OSLHA allows your voice to be heard on issues of the profession that are important to you.

OSLHA is the Speech and hearing Association in Ohio, that represents over 2,600 speech and hearing professionals from all work settings...


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  • Nationally Recognized: OSLHA has long been recognized as a leader in innovative programs and practices.  OSLHA continues to be in the forefront in providing proactive resolutions and distinctive ideas and solutions in response to the issues and concerns of our professions.

  • Representation in Your Professional Practice Area/Worksetting:  OSLHA provides representation for your specific practice area to address your professional interests, to be responsive to your specific needs, and to provide you with valuable resources and support from our Professional Practice Representatives.

  • Improve Job Security and Satisfaction: Our professions cannot advance and be effective without well planned advocacy and support.  OSLHA, in conjunction with the Governmental Affairs Coalition (GAC), employs a lobbyist to ensure that Ohio legislators understand our position on the issues that affect our future, such as: Salary supplements, licensure laws, personnel shortages, universal hearing screenings, caseload sizes, school voucher programs, Medicare/Medicaid and private health insurance reimbursement.
  • Continuing Education: Knowledge is the key to providing quality services and to unlocking communication in your clients.  Earn required CEUs for licensure and CCCs by attending OSLHA’s Annual State Convention in Columbus. Nationally-recognized speakers present in all specialty areas.  Free, Members Only courses are also available throughout the year, many of which are self studies you can complete at your convenience.

  • Learn Best Practices and Stay Abreast of Hot Topics: OSLHA members receive the quarterly newsletter, Communication Matters, providing important professional information, and highlights of what your colleagues are doing throughout the state and nation. Members also receive the award-winning, eHearsay journal, which offers in-depth articles about a variety of diagnoses and treatment programs for the clients we serve.
  • Secure Professional Liability Insurance: OSLHA members, including students, have access to reasonably-priced professional liability insurance.
  • Apply for Research Grant Seed Money:  OSLHA demonstrates the importance of research by giving two biennial awards, one to a professional or doctoral student and one to a master’s or undergraduate student member.
  • Build Your Resumé: OSLHA offers opportunities for you to present at Convention and/or publish your work in eHearsay journal.

  • Conduct a Survey: OSLHA members may have a survey posted, at no charge, on OSLHA’s Survey Monkey, a simple survey program that will allow you to obtain survey results electronically.
  • Make a Difference: Get involved and become an OSLHA Legislative Councilor or Committee Chair to help improve and support the services of professionals and to benefit our consumers.  Your involvement will connect you with other professionals around the state, and provide opportunities and leadership skills that are beneficial both personally and professionally.  Join us in a journey of education, service, leadership and professional advancement.

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