Volunteer Opportunities

OSLHA is a non-profit, membership organization.  Every Executive and Legislative Council Member, Committee Chair, Committee Member and the many members serving in various other capacities are volunteers, serving their state organization and their profession.

OSLHA is one of the largest state associations in the nation.  Your state association is nationally recognized by ASHA and CSAP (Council of State Association Presidents) for its innovative projects such as Sponsored Silence, HEARSAY journal, and partnering with other organizations through OSHGAC and OMNIE, the WCPO Insurance Initiative project and many other initiatives.  

As an OSLHA member your volunteer participation is welcomed!  There are many opportunities to serve on Executive Council, Legislative Council, as a Committee Chair or Committee Member or as a Convention Volunteer.

Please contact us if you are interested in serving with the many dedicated OSLHA volunteers who are making a difference for their profession.  You will find your experience very rewarding, both personally and professionally.

OSLHA will soon be accepting Nominations for Council Positions for next Fiscal Year!
Please Let us Know if You Are Interested in Running for a Position.