Professional Resource Links

Alternative/Augmentative Communication
AAC Messaging - Word Lists  
Internet relay service
Realtime captioning
Service Dogs Details 
Service Dogs Details
Alzheimer's Association 
American Heart Association 
National Aphasia Association
National Stroke Association
Word Finding Difficulties by Diane German 
Articulation/Motor Speech/Apraxia
The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association
The Cued Speech Discovery
National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)
American Academy of Audiology:
The Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses (AMPHL) 

Audiology Foundation of America 

Audiology, Inc.

Audiology Online:

Audiology:  Online CEUs in Audiology by Topic: 
Audiology Resources
Coalition for Global Hearing Health
National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management
Ohio Academy of Audiology (OAA)
Autism Society of America
Autism Speaks
Interagency Work Group on Autism (Ohio IWGA)
National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)
(Ohio Center for Autism and Low-Incidence Disabilities)

Social Stories
Speech Kids Express
ASL Apps
Geek SLP Website and Apps
Speech Therapy Apps
Variety Apps
Variety Apps
Language Development Apps
Child Language Disorders
The Cued Speech Discovery
Depository of Language analysis files - free / linguistic links
Dr Carney Sotto on infant and toddler speech (Channel 2, (Dayton station broadcast) 
Language Therapy Ideas 
Listen UP: Language Development activities, language stimulation and therapy ideas
National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)
Phonemic Awareness:  How Now Brown Cow
Activities for Collaborative Classrooms
Comprehensive Sites
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
ASHAsphere Blog and Idea Center
Ameri-Corp Speech and Hearing
Exchange ideas, information and resources: Speaking of

Internet 4 Kids 

Kids Source
Kids Together 
Parent Pals: 
Speech Teach 
Speech Pathology Salary Anaylsis
Craniofacial Disorders
Cleft Palate 
Deafness/Hearing Impaired
Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf:
American Society for Deaf Children
ASL Resorces and Classes
Canine Companions for Independance 
Cleveland Signstage-Theater of the Deaf
Council on the Education of the Deaf: 
The Cued Speech Discovery
Educational Resources for Teachers of Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing 

H.E.A.R.: Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers.  National group for noise awarness for musicians

Hearing and Speech and Deafness Center, Seattle WA

Hearing Health News
Newsletters/info for patients and physicians

Hearing Impaired and Telephone Use

Hearing Loss: Self Help for Hard of Hearing
League for the Hard of Hearing:
Listen to Your Buds: Hearing Protection Advocates
Menus:  Meeting Educational Needs of Underserved Students
The National Center on Deafness 
National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management
National Association for the Deaf:
National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)
National Theater of the Deaf 
Oral Deaf Education

Signing Exact English Center
Sign Language Dictionary
Sign Tel Interpreter laptop for a deafie-and-a hearie when sign language interpreteris not available
Subtitles App for iPhones
Teacher Lesson Plans for Hearing:  
"I Love What I Hear"
Dyslexia Online
Educational Resources
Awards Maker & Free Software: School Express 
Cool Math 
The Cued Speech Discovery
Developmental Milestones for Literacy Reach Out and Read Milestones Chart
Educational Resources Information Center 
Habilitation Advocacy Guide Rehabilitative-Habilitative-Services-Devices.pdf
Higher Education for Students With Disabilities
The Hospital Communication Book

IDEA Practices
The Informed SLP Informational Site
Intervention Materials / Track Client's Progress
Lesson Plans in Different Subject Areas 
Lil Fingers 
Miami U Summer Reading Program for 4 y/o-11th Grade
National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology, Media & Materials
National Cued Speech Association (NCSA)
Printable Story Starters: Printables & Worksheets 

Resources for Teachers, Students & Parents
targeting grads K-8
Resource: make the classroom more fun and inspire love of reading & writing
Resource: for teachers and SLPs in school setting
Resources In Special Education: Michigan State Univ.
Sites for Teachers 
SLPs & Teachers Share Tips, Ideas, Techniques
Speech Room News Resource Blog
Therapy Exchange Pages
Worksheet Resource-Printable
Evidence-Based Practice
Compendium of EBP Guidelines & Systematic Reviews
American Institute for Stuttering treatment 
Casa Futurea Stuttering Science and Therapy 

Fluency / Stuttering 
Fluency Friday Plus 
Fluency Specialty Board
Friends:  The Association of Young People Who Stutter 
Hollins Fluency System  
International Stuttering Association
Kids Health
National Stuttering Association 

Stuttering Chat 
The Stuttering Home Page
Stuttering Foundation of America (SFA) 
Stuttering Awareness Game: 
General Resources
ADHD Resources
A Piece of The Puzzle Community Forum
Association on Higher Education (AHEAD) 
Attention Deficit Disorder Resources
Canine Companion for Independance 
Center for Disease Control
Cerebral Palsy Resources
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder 
Children with Medical Handicaps Program FAQ's
Disability.Gov Resource Page
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse 
Family Village.Com Disability Related Resources
How to Learn Website
Intervention Materials / Track Client Progress
Key Pals
LD Online 

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities 
Natural Communication, Inc. 
OMNIE Resources c/o OCALI
ODE: Medicaid Schools Program
Project Chatter
ProSearch-Provider Directory
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic 
Rehabilitation Research & Training Center on Disability Statistics & Demographics

SpeechTechie Blog
Ski-Hi Institute
Special Needs Practical Support - Special Education Resources
United HealthCare Medical Grant Information
Visual Dictionary 
Working with Students with Disabilities
ASHA Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services & Devices Essential Coverage Guide Rehabilitative-Habilitative-Services- Devices.pdf
Ohio Telecommunications Relay Service  
Access hearing related conferences and meetings; get latest hearing statistics, fact sheets and booklets
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Educational Publications (Many Free)
U.S. Department of Education 
A Guide To The IEP 

Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology 
Ohio Dept. of Education, Special Education
Ohio Dept. of Health:
Ohio Rehab Services Commission
International Association of Laryngectomees

"My Voice- A Physician’s Personal Experience with Throat Cancer" Informative Blog

WebWhispers Laryngecomee Site
Multicultural Issues
Lesson Tutor:  Signed English and ASL Worksheets
Shareware: programs & games for children/
tools targeting English as second language
Aspergers Fact Sheet: National Institute for Neurological Disorders & Stroke
Professional Organizations
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association  (ASHA)
American Academy of Audiology
Alzheimer's Association 
Birch Tree Foundation
Council for Exceptional Children
Educational Audiology Association
The Hanen Centre
Learning Disabilities Association 
Attention Deficit Disorder Association 
National Association for the Deaf
National Stuttering Association 
(National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association) 

Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition  (OSSPEAC)
Sertoma: A Service Club Organization for Communicative Disorders
ASHA Journals (ASHA Mbrs)
Journal of American Medical Association
Journal of Stuttering Therapy, Advocacy and Research (JSTAR)

New England Journal of Medicine
Speech & Hearing Sciences
National Stuttering Association

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Hearing Enhancement 
Swallowing / Dysphagia
Dysphagia Resource Center
Specialty Board for Swallowing & Swallowing Disorders
Swallowing Disorder CEU Opportunties

Swallowing Research and Resource Links

Feeding Resources for Families and Professionals

Dysphagia and Oral-Motor Function Resources and Services

Swallowing Safety Coloring Book Resource- En Espanol
Traumatic Brain Injury
Brain Injury Association of America
Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide