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One of OSLHA's priorities is providing students with many opportunities to become involved as an active member within the Association.  I invite all student members to get involved by contacting me to discuss your interests.

Involvement should serve to enrich the student's educational experience, as well as, capture many of our future leaders early.

Key Reasons for Students to Join OSLHA:

Ensure a Secure Employment Future:
Your membership dues help to support employment of a lobbyist to ensure that Ohio legislators understand our position on the issues that affect our future, such as:

* Salaries
* Workload issues (caseload sizes)
* Insurance reimbursement in health care
* Hiring laws (licensure laws)

Students have an opportunity to volunteer at the registration table at the annual Legislative Event at the State House in Columbus.  This breakfast allows students to observe how OSLHA professionals educate Ohio legislators on issues so they can promote change in laws that regulate our profession.  Students have the opportunity to receive free registration for the annual Legislative Event at the State House in Columbus.

Build Your Resumé:
OSLHA offers students the opportunity to co-write, with the OSLHA Past President, a brief message in Communication Matters, the Association's newsletter.  Also, don't miss the opportunity to present at Convention-student posters and presentations are encouraged.  Finally, you can develop your leadership skills by joining an OSLHA committee.

Get Involved:
Attend a Legislative Council meeting in Columbus to observe the governance of the state association and to listen to the timely professional topics that are being addressed.  You will sit along side the Legislative Councilors and interact with many of Ohio's leaders. Click Here for LC meeting dates and information

Participate in a Nationally Recognized Convention:
Attend OSLHA's Annual Convention in Columbus in March and attend the student related and professional seminars at a reduced member rate.  Take advantage of seeing nationally-recognized speakers present in all specialty areas.  The Convention also offers student-related seminars, as well as, programs for student leaders.

Get Representation:
Students have representation within OSLHA.  Your Professional Practice Representative is elected to represent you. The University and Student Affairs Representative acts as a liaison between students and the OSLHA Legislative Council. 

Search for Job Openings:
Once you are nearing graduation and searching for a job, look no further than our Communication Matters newsletter (4 issues published per fiscal year) or review our current Job Postings.
Obtain Professional / Student Liability Insurance:
OSLHA offers reasonably-priced professional liability insurance to members, including students.
Conduct a Survey:
OSLHA Members have free access to Survey Monkey, an easy to use, survey program that will allow you to obtain information electronically from your chosen audience.

Contact your University & Student Affairs Professional Practice Representative:

It is my hope that you will be interested in taking advantage of the several opportunities that OSLHA offers to you.  Make the time to become a member and get involved; you will not be sorry that you did!

Contact me to find out more of what your professional organization can offer.  Experiences will be guided and you will benefit from the interaction with professionals.  Students who have participated during the past have expressed that the experience was invaluable!

If you are a student who is interested in your profession, contact me to explore the many possibilities.